Popular 4 Free WordPress Plugins to add Google Maps

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Many WordPress bloggers face situation to Embed Google maps to the WordPress blog. There are many numerous Free plugins in the WordPress repository that are allows users to add Google maps to WordPress posts . Google maps are added in the pages of contact us pages, business address information ,etc in all cases you can add the Google maps for users and customers , so in this case you can add the Google maps by inserting the Iframe code from Google maps like below

adding Google Maps to the Website

This is the video tutorial  shows how to add the Google maps to a Website or wordpress blog

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If you need more features to add Google maps to wordpress, then here is the list of top free WordPress plugins to add Google maps to your post, widget, page.

MapPress Easy Google Maps WordPress Plugins

The best WordPress plugin to add the Google maps to the WordPress without any coding knowledge, even a beginner can add Google maps to WordPress blog. It possess many advanced features to add Google maps with much ease. It is free wordpress plugin and Pro version has many more features to add Google Maps

Mappress Google maps Features:

  • Your can set the default height and Width to be applicable for all the Google maps in the WordPress blog.
  • MapPress is developed on the latest Google maps API v3
  • Create custom text and HTML for the markers, including photos, links, etc.
  • Multiple maps can be created in a single post or page
  • Resides on the TinyMce editor and you can add where you want to add.

Download and plugin Information

 WP Flexible Map

This plugin allows the Bloggers to add Google maps to their WordPress post. Using WP flexible map plugin you can add Google map in three ways

  • by center coordinates
  • by street address
  • by URL to a Google Earth KML file

Download and plugin Information

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

it is the best choice for the WordPress users to integrate the Google maps into their blog. It has many features like adding icons, Jquery popups, and short code ready. This plugin allows ability to get directions and would maps between two or three places.


  • Fully documented, so you can use this plugin with the help files in the documentation
  • Google maps Shortcode allows you to add map locations anywhere in the WordPress blog. That means , to your post, to a widget
  • Widget enabled Google maps.

 Download plugin and information

Leaflet Maps Marker  (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, MapQuest and More)

leaflets maps maker free Google maps WordPress plugin, having many advanced features like store or business locator, travel guide, Mobile Google maps and many many other advanced functionalities. The only reason of this map is not get popular because it is difficult to use plugin and it is good for developers, to get more functionalities.

Leaflet maps marker offers several layers that you can use to create your maps, you can use Google Maps, MapQuest, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, or any other mapping software as your base layer.

Demo of the Leaflet maps maker demo

Download plugin and information

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