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Top 10 Best cloud computing companies in India

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Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product. Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about what IT always needs, a way to increase capacities or add capabilities on the fly without investing in a new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Cloud computing encompasses any subscription based service that, in real time over the network. Android apps and games companies also using cloud computing to make faster and reliable Apps.
Top  10 Cloud Computing companies in India
Here is the list of the Cloud Companies in India , Cloud computing is one of the rapid developing technology in India

Top 10  cloud computing companies in India

Company Name:

Tata Consultancy Services

Address: – Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 1968
Business: IT and Consulting
website: tcs.com
About Tata Consultancy Services Tata consultancy service is one of the leading cloud computing service provider to IT sector. They offer various cloud services like cloud advisory, cloud development and migration, cloud development and assurance, cloud environment build and management and disaster recovery services.
Company Name:


Address: – Bangalore, Karnataka
Establishment: 1981
Business: IT, consulting and Outsourcing
website: www.infosys.com
About Infosys Infosys  is an Indian multinational corporation which offers business consulting,information technology, software engineering and outsourcing services and a popular company in cloud service provider.Cloud system defines the way of business and IT services are delivered and consumed.
Company Name:

Wipro Limited

Address: – Bangalore, Karnataka
Establishment: 1945
Business: IT and outsourcing
website: www.bluedart.com
About Wipro Limited Wipro is the primary name in the list of cloud computing companies in India.Wipro is one of the popular IT industry that offers cloud based services like virtual cloud lab solution, gateway, custom cloud platform engineering.
Company Name:

InstaCompute – Tata Communication

Address: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 1972
Business: Communication and IT service
website: www.instacompute.com
About InstaCompute – Tata Communication Insta compute is the newest member of TCS portfolio.Tata communication company offers a cost effective cloud computing solution. It is one of the leading cloud companies in India providing flexible payment, security access and round-the-clock technical support.
Company Name:

Zenith InfoTech Limited

Address: – Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 1996
Business: Storage and Cloud Computing Service
website: zenithinfotech.com
About Zenith InfoTech Limited Zenith InfoTech is one of the leading security, cloud computing and IT solution provider and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania .It provides two solutions called Tiger Cloud and BDR-G14 for cloud service, storage, for disaster recovery and backup data.
Company Name:

Cypher Cloud

Address: San Jose, USA
Establishment: 2010
Business: Virtual appliance and Cloud computing
website: ciphercloud.com
About Cypher Cloud CipherCloud, the most trusted and leading brand in cloud information protection in india.It offers to insurance, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain and technology industries.
Company Name:

Cirrologix Private Limited

Address: – Bangalore, Karnataka
Establishment: 2010
Business: Cloud computing
website: www.cirrologix.com
About Cirrologix Private Limited It is one of the top cloud computing agencies which offers software implementation, development, Integration, maintenance and design.It has more clients including Leads berry, Makessence and DC design.
Company Name:

Ctrls Datacenters Limited

Address: – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Establishment: 2007
Business: Data Security and cloud computing service
website: www.ctrls.in
About Ctrls Datacenters Limited Ctrls Datacenters Limited is one of the top 10 cloud computing companies in India.They provides many services that include datacenter infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware to OS layers, network and security layers.
Company Name:

Clogeny Technologies Private Limited

Address: – Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Establishment: 2010
Business: Cloud computing
website: www.clogeny.com
About Clogeny Technologies Private Limited Clogeny is a leader in developing cloud platforms, cloud products and scalable applications.It offers cloud platforms for development, application, engineering & integration, cloud strategy and advising services.
Company Name:

App Point

Address: – Bangalore, Karnataka
Establishment: 1994
Business: Cloud computing solution
website: www.apppoint.in
About App Point App India is the best cloud computing companies which is established in Bangalore.It is a software development organization helps the IT organisations like IBM and Microsoft for software development and design.


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