Top 10 best Websites to get popular clone scripts

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Here is the list of companies or websites to get the popular clone scripts like Facebook, you Tube, Pinterest, Twitter.

There are many popular very  websites in the Internet like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest. Those websites are generating thousands of dollars as revenue. If you want to develop such websites, you have to invest millions of dollars as developing cost of the website , many programmers and developers might take part of the developing. . For example if you need fully functional website like famous Website, OLX then you have the invest more than 10k. Investing thousands or millions of dollars for a website is not good in initial stage. For this reason, many entrepreneurs go for the Clone scripts


Below are the list of the clones repositories, clones directories, Script clone developing companies, you can find your favopurite script clones in the PHp,, JAVA and other programming languages.

 1) Agriya

Agriya is one of the best clone scripts developing company, it has many popular clone scripts like fiverr clone, Kikstrat clone, Buysell ecommerce clone, Freelancer clone, and many other famous clones.

2) Famous scripts:

famous scripts is a website design company offering the clone scripts of , PDF Search Engine Clone Script, PDF Search Engine Clone Script, Clone Script, Script Clone. This clone script are very cheap to buy so you can go for this website. If your requirement is from the above clone scripts.

3) Clone Php :

Clone Php is a clone repostitory websites wchich contains many number of clones like 2leep, 43Things, 4Shared, 500 Words, 99designs, 9GAG, About, AdBrite, Adbux, AddThis, AdSense, AdWords, Airbnb, Alibaba, Allrecipes, Alltop, Amazon, Aniworlds, Answers, App Store, Apptrackr, Arcade Site, Auto Trader, Backpage, BeeMp3, bitly, Blogs,, BuySellAds, ChatRoulette, CloneScripts, Club Planet, Commission Junction, CoupRecoup, Craigslist, Cubestat, Dailymotion, Damn LOL, Delicious, Deviantart, Digg, Dmoz, Dogpile, DomainTools, Dropbox, eBay, ehow, Elance, Escrow, Etsy, Expedia, EzineArticles, Facebook, FACEinHOLE, Fiverr, Flippa, fMyLife, Foodspotting, Fotolog, FourSquare, Freelancer, Friendster, Funkforever,, Gilt, GitHub, Gitorious, Gmail, GoFundMe, Google Calendar, Google Search, GraphicRiver, Groupon, Grubwithus, Gumtree, Guru, Hi5, Hot or Not, Hotscripts, Hulu, ImageShack, IMDB, Indeed.Com, Indiegogo, JustinTV, Kayak, Keepvid, Kickstarter,, LinkedIn, MagMyPic, Match, Megaupload, MGID, Mixtapemedia, Monster, MySpace, Neobux, Netflix, Netlog, Netvibes, Newsvine, oDesk, OLX, Omegle, Orkut, Other, PasteBin, Paypal, PayPerPost, Photobucket, PhotoFunia, Pingdom, Pinterest, PopUrls, PriceGrabber, PriceRunner, PRWeb, PureVolume, Quikr, RapidShare, Redbeacon, Reeftube, RetailMeNot, Reviewme, ShareThis, Shopzilla, Snipplr, Sortfolio, Squidoo, Stack Overflow, StumbleUpon, TaskRabbit, The Pirate Bay, ThemeForest, Thumbtack, TinyPay, TinyPic, TinyURL, TwitPic, Twitter, Udemy, Vkontake, VWorker, Wahoha, WebsiteOutlook, Wikipedia, Wimdu, Woot, Yahoo! Answers, Yelp, Yipit, Yoink, YouTube, Zaarly,

4) Website Scripts

It is a place where you can buy the popular websites clones in PHP,, Java and many more platforms. You can get all popular scripts for very cheap rates and they are affordable that any Webmaster can implement for low cost.

5) Clone Script Directory

it is a scripts to directory of value can find many popular website clones.

6) NCrypted

NCrypted is developed many popular website clone php scripts like , ClubPlanet Clone, Digg Clone, eBay Clone, Elance Clone, Facebook Clone, Flippa Clone, Freelancer Clone, Kickstarter Clone, Monster Clone, Reddit Clone, Shopping Clone, Yipit Clone, E-ZineArticles Clone.

7) Clone Scripts

it is a repository of clone scripts having many hundreds of clones of popular websites.

8) Script Copy

all the top best website clones scripts are listed in the script copy website. It has many clones of popular websites that are in 100s of scripts.

9) Clone Idea

it is also one of the script clones repository where you can find the most popular websites clones .

10) Just Clone


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