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Top 10 electronics companies in India

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Below are the list of Electronic companies in India, there are Many electronic and electrical companies has their own manufacturing units in India.
Electronics deals with electric circuits that involve active electrical components. The ability of electronic devices to act as switches makes digital information. Electronics are distinct from electrical and electro-mechanical science and technology. Most electronic devices use semiconductor components to perform electron control. An electronic component is any physical entity in an electronic system used to
affect the electrons.
Top Indian electronic companies

Top 10 electronics companies in India


Company Name:

Bharat Electronics Limited

Address: Bangalore, Karnataka
Establishment: 1954
Business: Electronics
website: www.bel-india.com
About Bharat Electronics Limited Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is a state-owned electronics company in india.it is founded by s.k. sharma in the year 1954.it is owned by the indian government to manufacture the advanced electronic products for the Indian Armed Forces.it is under Ministry of Defence,Govrenment of india.
Company Name:


Address: Gurgaon, India
Establishment: 1979
Business: Electronics
website: www.videocon.com
About Videocon Videocon Industries Limited is a large diversified indian company.It was founded by Venugopal dhoot in the year 1979.Now it has 9,000+ Employees.The Net Income is about 716.3 million (2012-2013).
Company Name:

Sterlite Technologies Ltd

Address: Pune, Maharashtra
Establishment: 1980
Business: Transmission Solutions
website: www.sterlitetechnologies.com
About Sterlite Technologies Ltd Sterlite Technologies Limited is an Indian manufacturer of optical fibers, telecommunications cables and power transmission conductors.it was founded by in the year 2000.its headquaters is in pune,maharastra,india.
Company Name:

Samtel Group

Address: Delhi, India
Establishment: 1981
Business: Electronics
website: www.samtelgroup.com
About Samtel Group The Samtel Group is a manufacturer of a wide range of displays and their components for television and personal applications.It also provides engineering services .It employs over 6000 people in 9 factories.Its turnover is about Rs.12 billion per annum.It was founded by satish k. kaura in the year 1973.
Company Name:

Moser Baer India Limited

Address: New Delhi, India
Establishment: 1982
Business: Optical Storage & Home Entertainment
website: www.moserbaer.com
About Moser Baer India Limited Moser Baer India limited is a leading global tech-manufacturing company.the company is one of the world’s largest manufactures of optical storage media like CDs and DVDs.it introduced the Blu-ray Discs and HD-DVD in India.it was founded by Deepak puri in the year 1983 in New delhi,India.
Company Name:

Centum Electronics

Address: Bangalore, Karnataka
Establishment: 1983
Business: Electronics
website: www.centumindia.com
About Centum Electronics Centum Electronics was founded in 1994 by Mr.Apparao Mallavarapu in Banglore.Centum is one of the diversified electronics company.it manufactures customized ,high-reliability products in Analog,Digital,Mixed signal,power Micro electronics domains.
Company Name:

O.E.N India

Address: Bangalore, Karnataka
Establishment: 1984
Business: Electro-Mechanical Components
website: www.oenindia.com
About O.E.N India O.E.N is the leading manufacturing comapny for Electromechanical components.it was establishhed in the year 1984.The company provides Electronic components are high in demand in both national and international markets.
Company Name:

Jabil Circuits

Address: Florida, United States
Establishment: 1985
Business: Electronics
website: www.jabil.com
About Jabil Circuits Jabil circuit Inc.,is a US based global Electronics manufacturing services company.Jabil engages in complex large -sacle system requirement products in regulated industries.Jabil has 300 engineers on their design team.it was founded by william E.morean and James Golden in the year 1966.it’s headquaters is in st.petersburg florida in US.
Company Name:

Midas Communication Technologies

Address: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Establishment: 1986
Business: Telecommunications Equipment
website: www.midascomm.com
About Midas Communication Technologies Midas communications technologies had become one of the big telecommunication industry.Midas means ‘flagship wireless product’.Midas specializes in wireless telecom access solutions.300 committed people make the Midas team. It’s headquaters is in chennai.
Company Name:

Aar em Electronics

Address: Pune, Maharashtra
Establishment: 1987
Business: Exporter, Manufacturer of Power Converters
website: www.championups.com
About Aar em Electronics Aar-em Electronics pvt,Ltd is a pune based firm known for its champion brand of uninterruptible power supplieslight sources like lights and other utilities powered by solar energy.Aar-em tries all possible ways to increase useful hours after sunset by providing them lights powered by solar energy.


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