Home Article directories list Top best 50 Dofollow Article directories Submission Websites list of 2014

Top best 50 Dofollow Article directories Submission Websites list of 2014

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World’s top best 50 Free article directories websites of 2014 with the highest PR and Alexa rank, submitting articles to the article directory is the one of the way of its SEO  process to build high-quality backlinks.

Article directory Marketing

What are Article directories?

Article directories are the directories which includes the articles in a categorised format. The articles are submitted by article writers who are also called article contributors. Clearly, An article directory is a website with collections of numerous articles that fall in to many categories. An article directory  will take  new articles from any contributor(article submitter), but may require that a new article is unique (not published elsewhere) .

Importance of Article Directories submisison in SEO Link building

Using this 50 High PageRank Article Directories you can build high quality SEO back links. Article marketing is one of the top best SEO process, many SEO experts and bloggers are marketing on the Article Directories to get extra backlinks to their blogs and websites. Since these Article directories has the highest PageRank then you can have the high quality backlinks.

Article directories offer Author box in the ending of the article submission, there you can give your blog link or website link , you can also create hyperlink for the main and sub keywords of your blog, this will makes your backlink more SEO optimised.

Submit Articles to the Article submission sites to get more traffic and get indexed by search engines quickly

Top best 50 Dofollow Article Directories 2014 Updated

top best 50 Dofollow article directories list

In the below list contains most of the DoFollow Article directories , Nofollow directories are marked with Red.

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it is better to build and submit articles to the high PR Article Directories to get fast results. 

Top 50 Best High PR Article  Submission Directories list

High PR Article Directories List


Alexa Rank

Link Type

1 http://examiner.com PR8 544 NoFollow
2 http://technorati.com PR8 2221 DoFollow

With Google Pagerank 7

3 http://squidoo.com PR7 904 DoFollow
4 http://ehow.com PR7 305 NoFollow
5 http://seekingalpha.com PR7 908 NoFollow
6 http://thefreelibrary.com PR7 12486 DoFollow

With Google Pagerank 6

7 http://hubpages.com PR6 593 DoFollow
8 http://suite101.com PR6 30936 DoFollow
9 http://buzzle.com PR6 4010 DoFollow
10 http://ezinearticles.com PR6 907 DoFollow
11 http://brighthub.com PR6 13572 DoFollow
12 http://selfgrowth.com PR6 7968 DoFollow
13 http://web-source.net PR6 30049 DoFollow
14 http://articlesbase.com PR6 3997 NoFollow
15 http://gather.com PR6 17457 DoFollow

With Google Pagerank 4

16 http://articletrader.com PR5 17213 DoFollow
17 http://articlesnatch.com PR5 14315 NoFollow
18 http://constant-content.com PR5 26251 DoFollow
19 http://thewhir.com/find/articlecentral PR5 20438 DoFollow
20 http://articledashboard.com PR5 22628 DoFollow
21 http://triond.com PR5 14513 DoFollow
22 http://articlecity.com PR5 15560 DoFollow
23 http://isnare.com PR5 16467 DoFollow

With Google Pagerank 4

24 http://amazines.com PR4 13913 DoFollow
25 http://apsense.com/article/start PR4 2855 DoFollow
26 http://textbroker.com PR4 6659 DoFollow
27 http://EvanCarmichael.com PR4 22418 DoFollow
28 http://ezinemark.com PR4 18576 DoFollow
29 http://biggerpockets.com/articles PR4 7749 NoFollow
30 http://articlerich.com PR4 19864 DoFollow
31 http://pubarticles.com PR4 21657 DoFollow
32 http://articlealley.com PR4 24310 NoFollow
33 http://articlesfactory.com PR4 22130 DoFollow
34 http://selfseo.com PR4 33771 DoFollow
35 http://articlesphere.com PR4 30687 NoFollow
36 http://sooperarticles.com PR4 11976 DoFollow
37 http://upublish.info PR4 28289 DoFollow
38 http://articlecube.com PR4 22480 DoFollow
39 http://infobarrel.com PR4 12560 DoFollow

With Google Pagerank 3

40 http://articledirectoryusa.com PR3 29052 DoFollow
41 http://submityourarticle.com/articles/ PR3 33187 DoFollow
42 http://knoji.com/articles/ PR3 12067 DoFollow
43 http://artipot.com PR3 19436 NoFollow
44 http://abcarticledirectory.com PR3 30391 DoFollow
45 http://streetarticles.com PR3 24789 DoFollow

With Google Pagerank 4

46 http://informationbible.com PR2 27765 DoFollow
47 http://earticlesonline.com PR2 31441 NoFollow
48 http://freewebsitedirectory.com PR2 27708 DoFollow
49 http://articlesbd.com PR2 35552 DoFollow
50 http://goarticles.com PR2 3366 DoFollow

I collected this high PR Dofollow Article Directories list by Google Pagerank wise from various source in online. if you find any more Article directories apart from the above list please inform me as comment ,then I will add to the above list.

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