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Top Free Bulk Pinging sites list of 2014

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Here Is the list of Top 30 Free High PR Pinging sites list to Bulk ping search engines, Directories.

Pinging is a process of notifying the search engines, blog directories, RSS directories When a new content is created in a blogger website or Blog pinging websites.

Some websites providing the functionality of Free bulk pinging process ,here you can simply enter your title of your blog are website, URL of website or blog, and select the search engines, blog directories, search directory in their list and just click on submit button. Your blog is submitted to the website that are listed in the bulk pinging services website. Some Pinging websites asks Blogs Rss Feed URL , here you can submit RSS url similar to the site Url.

Pinging is also one type of its SEO process to get listed in the search engines very quickly.

After submitting your website for the first time some pinging websites automatically visit and search for the new content in your blog. After pinging blog you can notice change in your blogs traffic, with  This Free Pinging process you can also increase your Blog’s traffic as well as search engine rankings.free-high-Pr-bulk-pinging-services

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Note: Don’t do excessive pinging of your blog it results in block listed by the websites that you’re Ping is received . So do pinging process safely once a month or quarterly.

Here is the High PR Free pinging websites list is that related into paid and free,  websites list for Bulk pining services.

Free Pinging sites list
1 http://blogsearch.google.com
2 http://feedshark.brainbliss.com
3 http://weblogs.com
4 http://www.auto-ping.com
5 http://www.backlinkping.com
6 http://www.bitacoras.com
7 http://www.blo.gs
8 http://www.blogbuzzer.com
9 http://www.blogpingtool.com
10 http://www.blogs.yandex.ru
11 http://www.bulkping.com
12 http://www.ezedir.com
13 http://www.googleping.com
14 http://www.icerocket.com
15 http://www.mypagerank.net
16 http://www.ping.in
17 http://www.pingates.com
18 http://www.pingbomb.com
19 http://www.pingbomb.com
20 http://www.pingler.com
21 http://www.pingmyblog.com
22 http://www.pingoat.net
23 http://www.pingomatic.com
24 http://www.pingsitemap.com
25 http://www.syncr.com
26 http://www.totalping.com
27 http://www.twingly.com
28 http://blogsearch.google.com
29 http://feedshark.brainbliss.com
30 http://weblogs.com
31 http://www.auto-ping.com
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