WordPress Plugins and ways to stop and prevent comment spam

Plugins and ways to stop comment spam in wordpress

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wordpress blog comment spam

Spamming is one of the most difficult and headache task to Webmasters to prevent or stop. We know that blog commenting on WordPress blogs creates backlinks as well as interaction with other bloggers. Most of the bloggers user to comment on WordPress blogs to make backlinks of their blogs.

But many spammers are using different software (automatic bots and semi-automatic) and scripts to comment on thousands of WordPress blogs in a short span of time, they posted a set of comments that contains the SEO keywords and spam links. The Spamming software or script automatically grabbed the list of thousands of WordPress blogs and begins to post spam comments on the WordPress blogs. Those comments are posted into the WordPress blogs which don’t have anti spamming filters.  Creating comments with the bots and software is a black-hat methods creates quick backlinks from WordPress blogs through automatic commenting.

So it is very mandatory for every WordPress blogger to stop the and prevent comment spamming in the blog.

Remember Spam comments could hurt and decrease your SEO rankings.

Stop comment spam

Yes, many of the Webmasters doesn’t care about the comment spamming them simply approve spam comments, if they comment is good, or prizing their post. But many of the bloggers doesn’t have knowledge about the spam comments indirectly decrease the blog is your ranking. This is because the websites whom links to your blog a strong signal for the search engine and what kind of site that link it to your blog. If the many spamming sites link at your blog then Google automatically degrades your ranking if your blogs have quality content and quality back links. Most of the spamming websites posted comments that related to casinos, gambling, drugs and various adult keywords. Generally these types of websites has low quality content and the content that complies with Google.

Because of the all of these reasons you should restrict the spam comments, WordPress has many anti spamming plugins that are user to prevent spam comments. Using WordPress settings and comment spam WordPress plugins  you can  prevent or stop comment spam.


WordPress Plugins and Tips to prevent spam comments on WordPress blogs

1). Install Askimet WordPress plugin

This is the very first and best Free WordPress plugin to prevent comment spam. This plugin comes with the default installation of WordPress. This plugin checks every comment that posted on your blog with whether a good comment on spam comment. You can download this plugin from WordPress plugins repository . Download the Askimet WordPress Plugin.

2). Ban IP address

If you are getting too many comments from certain IP addresses then you can have an option to ban those IP addresses with the plugin Wp-Ban. With this plugin you can completely stop comments that are posted from particular IP addresses.

3). Don’t allow links in comments

This is another security tip for comment spamming, as we discuss it about many comment spammers are using to post links in the comment. You can restrict or stop this type of comments that are posting into your blog. You can use this feature without a WordPress plugin, you can do this by WordPress settings.

Goto :Wordrpess settings>> Discussion settings>> Enter 0 in the textbox conveying no links to be posted in the comment

Stop comment spam

4). Close comments on older Posts

Though if you use WordPress plugin to stop comment spamming, if your blog has regular updates is very difficult task to approve the 100s of comments, so it is better to close comments on the world a post. This is another good approach to stop comment spam on the WordPress blog, you can use this option in the discussion settings of WordPress Admin. You can do this in the discussion settings of wordpress admin



4). Use WP-reCAPTCHA WordPress plugin


This is one of the best free WordPress plugin used to stop comment spamming. You can use Google recapthca API for this plugin. It is very difficult to comment spamming software is to identify the text that is displayed by recaptcha plugin. This WordPress plugin stops the software and bots only, and it is not stop at the manual comment spam this the main disadvantage of this plugin. So don’t rely completely on this plugin, you should moderate the comments that are posted in your blog. Download the wp-recaptcha wordpress plugin.

5). Register to comment

This is also one of the best method to stop spam comments on method of asking users to register before comment spammers are more lazy and they need bulk back links in a short span of time . So spammers hesitate to register and then comment.

6). Disallow Pingbacks and trackbacks :

Stop the trackbacks and ping backs to create additional useless comments, there is no use of this . so follow the below process


Using all the above options you can reduce or prevent comment spam in the WordPress blogs.

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