17 17 Hilarious Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions ever seen

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Nothing gets fans talking like forbidden parts of the body exposed before the camera. 17 celebrities involuntarily bared their goodies in some of the most illustrious wardrobe malfunctions ever witnessed.

From an innocent nip slip to full frontal nudity, clothing incidents stalk famous people and make them feel miserable. Just joking! They don’t care what you see!

1. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner’s rare wardrobe malfunctions make her look even more adorable.

Garner accidentally revealed her Spanx while attending colleague Steve Carell at the premiere of ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.’ The 44-year-old actress relapsed while looking after her daughter Violet.

Garner admits she often sees herself as a ‘walking beauty disaster.’ We can’t accept such reasoning. Jennifer being sloppy and casually flashing her undergarment is a part of keeping her fans content and begging for more.

Hollywood experts agree that wardrobe malfunctions essential elements of a celeb’s lifestyle. Accidental or not, they provide the salt and pepper that makes front-page news even more delicious.

Granny-style underwear makes worrying about the interaction between wind and dress pointless.

2. Kanye West

Kanye’s ripped crotch sparked a fierce debate all over the Internet.

Was the malfunctions part of the plan or did it occur in full accordance with the law that states celebs are bound to have such embarrassing moments? Let’s break the facts, shall we?

It would be mild to call West’s Yeezus Tour attire outlandish. The 39-year-old rapper wore a head-covering mask for most of the time spent on stage and throwing in some weird pants would not have been entirely out of place.

On the other hand, the artist started his Seattle show with the trousers intact. With designer’s clothes quality lowering significantly over the last years, Maison Martin Margiela bowed its head in shame.

Luckily, Kanye sported a solid pair of black boxers that denied the audience a far greater shock.

3. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba walking over a subway grate in her high-waist plum-colored skirt showed once again that not learning from the mistakes of the past condemns you to repeat them. Was it all accidental or the result of a meticulously planned expose?

Alba was on her way to do some shopping at Whole Foods went the air got curious about the color of her lingerie. The actress reacted with grace and managed to tame her feral dress quite quickly.

Nevertheless, she was not quick enough. Seasoned photographers spotted the hazard lying on Alba’s path and had their gear in the right settings by the time disaster struck.

She could call herself lucky. Only one photo reveals more than it should have. Naturally, the media reacted by comparing her to Marilyn Monroe.

4. Victoria Beckham

Jeans are weird nowadays. Even so, no one took the bait and believed Victoria Beckham’s wet stain was just her being posh.

The former Spice Girl appeared intoxicated while leaving a party at 2 A.M. and needed to keep a good hold of her hubby David. We all know what people do when they drink too much.

Losing control of the bladder and peeing yourself happened excessively often in the celeb world to be considered a crime. Even so, sources close to Victoria issued repeated press statements, attempting to give a whole new meaning to the apparent.

According to them, the stain was the result of a spilled drink. We have to say it. The odds of putting a liquid other than pee in that part of the body are minimum.

What fueled speculations even further was the mysterious white powder that decorated the Beckham family. Did they also pour flour by accident?

5. Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook makes a living out of flaunting those generous curves. Her wardrobe malfunction is, of course, not the most embarrassing thing she ever did.

Photographers spotted Kelly wearing a beautiful velvet dress at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards. Her glam session on the red carpet took an awkward turn once the wind made its presence felt.

Put in an uncomfortable situation the buxom model had to justify her poor choice of panty color. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to say the combination is uninspired. Apparently, Brook was confident her front split dress would stay in place.

The girl that once advertised Lynx body spray admits showing up at big galas is much more fun. We are on the same page with her. With so many small details that could go wrong in your outfit, all you have to do is harvest the free attention.

6. Harry Styles

There are two reasons why the wardrobe malfunction that revealed Harry Styles’s nipple got away uncensored.

First, society uses an unexplainable double standard when it comes to men and women showing up topless. Some catching up is needed before we can claim to have a free and equalitarian world.

The second argument is more than bizarre. The One Direction singer is one of the few known humans that have four nipples. You will be relieved to know that what you saw is none of the extras.

With his blatant display of skin, Harry Styles proved that every teen pop band member secretly aspires to have the glory of the rock stars. Going bare-chested in a critical step of the way.

7. Bailey Noble

Bailey Noble’s loose olive blouse proved to be an uninspired pick for a windy day.

The ‘True Blood’ star got more cheers than initially planned. However, fans went home a bit disappointed.

Bailey made the wrong decision of wearing a bra that day. The world would have been a much better place if she didn’t.

Nothing helps you climb the steps to stardom like flaunting some nudity. Other photos from the same event showed Noble spotting the ‘danger’ and getting a firm grip on that skirt. A rare double oops moment was inches away from happening.

8. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid showed some serious leg and even more.

Candid shots of the youngest Hadid gracing the red carpet at the last year’s Cannes Film Festival took turns pinning people minds. The crazy wardrobe malfunction proved once more that slit gowns are the ideal candidate for causing trouble.

Going past an embarrassing slip is easy when Mother Nature blesses you with a sleek and perfect body. Standing 1.75 m tall, 19-year-old Bella outshined more experienced celebs.

Both Bella and Gigi stole our hearts, and there is a real reason their beauty is so exotic and fresh. The two IMG models traced their origins back to Daher Al Omer, Prince of Nazareth and the Sheikh of Galilee.

9. Kate Upton

When you have a body as Kate Upton’s the world is teeming with booby traps set to trigger wardrobe malfunctions.

Kate had her own Marilyn moment when a naughty wind gust lifted her skirt. Unfortunately for us, the photographer was a rookie. His hands got shaky the moment he acknowledged the rare opportunity.

The 24-year-old American goddess reacted in a positive way and didn’t make a big deal out of it. Her boyfriend Justin Verlander was also on set and probably comforted her.

There is something about spontaneous pics that gives them a sexy tint. Just study these pics again and compare them with any of Kate’s staged photo-shoots. The feelings she experiences as she struggles to keep her skirt in place are authentic.

10. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is facing a situation few other celebs on the list share.

Her perky front protuberances want out of their confinement. They get to see the sun each time the iconic singer puts too much momentum in her act.

Minaj is the unofficial queen of the nip slip. It happens so often to her, fans are no longer shocked or puzzled. She just tucks them back in and performs like nothing happened.

Is Minaj threatening the age-old taboo that women should not bare their breasts in public? The entertainment world has always pioneered radical ideas, so men’s hopes have all reasons to be high now.

11. Beyoncé

Beyoncé put so much energy in her performance, clothes couldn’t keep up with her.

A combination of wind and dancing to ‘Single Ladies’ revealed what was once only a myth in the celeb world. Female stars use this type of tight undergarment to fool the eye and flaunt what appears to be perfection.

Recent years brought the booty back. Was it all because of the Spanx? The incredible percentage of wardrobe malfunctions that reveal such a cheap trick is indeed worrying.

Beyoncé joined Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckman, and many others to embrace the Spanx as fail-proof lingerie. Say goodbye forever goodbye to barely-there panties

12. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway did the unthinkable back in 2012 when she flashed her lady parts right in front of the cameras.

Was she mimicking Sharon Stone’s infamous leg cross from ‘Basic Instinct?’ We don’t think so.

Anne probably sought to be as comfortable as possible at the premiere of ‘Les Miserables.’ And that meant no underwears. Let the cool breeze do its magic!

Obviously, photographers could not forget such a moment. Her skin turned whiter from so many flashes she saw the moment someone gave the alert.

Anne ignored one crucial aspect of leaving the panties back home. Getting off the car is the trickiest part. She is not the first celeb lazy enough to ignore the exposing angles.

The incident ruined the night for her. Just watch how she clings to that smile.

13. Lorde

Lorde’s nip slip gave last year’s Met Gala the drop of controversy it needed.

Fans of the ordinary would have to sit this one through. We don’t want to know why Lorde chose such a tantalizing outfit. We don’t care if she got upset by fans trashing her on social media.

The burning question here is straightforward. What was Stan Marsh doing at such a stylish event? Last time we checked, he was a geologist with an acquired taste for awful pop music.

Stan’s photo could also work on our ‘When you see it’ list. Did anyone notice Lorde has an orthopedic cast on her left forearm?

14. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is the female celeb of the moment, and her cheeky wardrobe malfunction delighted millions.

While most celebs fall victim to the wind or their eagerness to show skin, Cara only wanted to interact with the fans. The model turned actress leaned over a fence and was betrayed by her dress.

We have to admire her style even in this involuntary slip. The Enchantress probably knew that you score more points by showing just a bit of it. Acting casual about is mandatory.

We also hate that black square blocking the view, but that’s the rule. Enjoying the wardrobe malfunctions of our favorite celebs doesn’t have to be age-restrictive.

15. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl suffered a textbook wardrobe malfunction at the ShoWest Las Vegas convention.

The former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star stunned everyone in the audience with her blood-red dress and cheerful attitude. Heigl winning the ‘Female Star of the Year’ award was not the only stunner of the evening.

Midway through her acceptance speech, Katherine faced the embarrassment of seeing her left strap break. To the disappointment of all men in the audience, the actress was quick to react and save the day. Can you imagine all the sighs that erupted at the same time?

You will be happy to know each gala has a team of backup tailors ready to assist celebs in their desperate moments. Katherine returned with the dress in one piece to flaunt her award.

16. Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis flaunting her body in a dress with cutouts makes us wonder from whom she acquired such exquisite genes.

For those who have been living under a rock, Rumer is a fruit of the love between actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Yep, those eyes gave you a good hint.

The 28-year-old made a name for herself after winning season 20 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and becoming a regular cast in ‘Empire.’ However, it is her crusade to fit into skimpy outfits, which keeps people talking.

A dress with cutouts is the equivalent of walking the thin line. Rumer ended up revealing the color of her panties – transparent as the air they are made from.

It doesn’t matter if that is safe or not safe for work. Everyone is dying to see Rumer’s next risqué moves.

17. Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo’s two oops moments are a direct result of her wearing revealing outfits.

With a body like hers, who wouldn’t want to share it with the rest of the world? Prinsloo is a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2009 and regularly acts as a flagship model for the company.

Behati’s first embarrassing moment came at Tommy Hilfiger’s Paris boutique opening. Her skirt got a mind of its own and decided the backside needs extra attention from the cameras.

The Namibian model pushed her luck a second time at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. This time a side boob went a bit too far and threatened to evolve into a nip slip. Being accurate with all this terminology is killing us.

Luckily, husband Adam Levine was there for a miraculous saving. Photographers at the event probably stopped listening to Maroon 5 since that fateful day.

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