26 Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Shocking Tragedy

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Everyone loves animals, but most are aware that if you don’t treat them with the caution and respect they deserve, they can be very dangerous indeed. However, some are not so clued up on this fact or either choose to ignore it at their peril. Here we have several photographs taken just before disaster struck to illustrate just how cautious you should be at times.

1. A Costly Slip

While visiting a zoo in New Delhi, India, one man wanted to see the rare white tiger close up and was climbing on the enclosure to get a better view. He was repeatedly warned to get down as both the fall and the animal could be potentially disastrous. Undeterred, the man held his position until losing balance and falling into the tiger cage.

Instantly the white tiger prowled up to the man and kept him cornered for almost 15 minutes as other visitors and zookeepers tried to distract the animal. Unfortunately, it eventually decided to pounce and dragged the man, by the neck, back to its den before killing him.

2. Not Your Average Pet

As far as pets go, goats are a fairly unconventional choice as they are more closely associated with farming and agriculture but this person decided a small, bouncing goat could be a sweet thing to have in the house, I mean, it’s so tiny, what harm could it do? Well, as this image proves, there is a probably a reason why most people stick with cats and dogs.

That’s not to say goats can’t be kept as pets, but they are probably better off left outside in an enclosure rather than being allowed in the house as they can do a bit of a damage to both you and your property. Goats often show aggressive behavior to assert dominance, and the best thing is to not back away but to slap them on the side of the neck to show them who is the boss

3. Not The Best Time To Take A Picture

This picture was taken by a hiker in New Jersey, USA whilst on a trail. Sadly, the bear then went on to attack the hiker moments later, killing them. The best thing to do is to avoid traveling through bear territory but if you do, travel in groups and make noise. If you do spot a bear identify if it is defending cubs or a kill and what type it is as it may act differently.

Back away slowly, keeping your eyes on the bear at all times and keep talking in a calm manner to identify that you are there. If it is defending something, move away from that as quickly as possible without running. Should a bear attack, shout and be aggressive and fight for your life if attacked, focusing on its eyes and nose but never, ever approach the animal.

4. Snappy Snap

As far as most animals are concerned, ducks are probably pretty low down on the list of things that can cause you any serious harm, but that doesn’t stop them being painful little blighters when they want to be. For the most part, a selfie with a duck should be safe but do remember they are wild animals constantly on the lookout for food, so if they think you have some, they will go for it.

The problem with fingers is that they can look a little like worms to colorblind ducks that don’t have digits of their own. This photo is more hilarious than tragic, but it still shows how all animals should be treated with care.

5. Heavy Hitter

The J-Bay Open in South Africa is a highly lauded event in the pro-surf calendar, and in 2015 it was broadcast live across the world. Surfer Mick Fanning felt something playing with his board’s leash and noticed a massive shark trailing behind him.

Jumping out of the way, the shark went for his board before turning its attention towards him, but Fanning got in their first landing blows on the Shark so that it turned tail and swam away. With a damaged board and a little shaken up, Fanning was otherwise unharmed when rescuers pulled him from the water.

6. Not All Disasters Are Dangerous

Sometimes a disaster doesn’t have to mean putting yourself in the way of harm; sometimes it can just be a little less painful and a little more, disgusting. If you are going to sunbathe try and remember not to do it around dogs, although most recognize the difference between humans and a fire hydrant. Perhaps this fella’ just wasn’t a fan.

Maybe it is the red top that he confused for a hydrant but either way, we wouldn’t want to be in her position at this moment in time.

7. Suddenly A Jaguar

Being an endangered animal doesn’t mean they’re not a dangerous animal as this escaped jaguar shows. Hunting down the escaped animal, one man turns his back as the stalking pounces from a hiding place to show him exactly why it is considered an apex predator. Having escaped the  Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, in West Bengal operations were put in place to recapture the animal.

During its escape, it had terrorized the village of Limbu and was tracked down but ineffectively tranquilized. Here the animal is attacking a forest warden, who survived but the animal did not as it was shot by the man nearby. Sometimes it is not the animals that are the most dangerous but humanity.

8. Instant Karma

Bears typically become aggressive when they feel they or their family are threatened so when these hunters took a black bear as a trophy; they failed to notice its family member behind them as they posed for a photograph with their prize kill. You may not be able to see too clearly, but over the man on the left’s shoulder, a bear lurks in the shadows waiting for vengeance.

Often shy, it is also likely that this bear ran off if it thought it might meet the same fate but the fact it was so close to these men makes it a danger due to its sheer size and strength.

9 – A Woman Cries After A Playful Stingray Takes A Liking To Her

First things first: nothing fatal happened to this hyper-sensitive lady, but her reaction is priceless and has since spawned a plethora of memes.

But hey, her tears might have come about from remembering that the legendary and late wildlife enthusiast Steve Irwin died from a stingray’s sting but that doesn’t make us, or the people in the background, laugh any less!

10. Hunter Becomes The Hunted


In another example of why posing with your kill can be a bad idea, this hunter has killed a large stag only for the blood to bring cougar to come by. A wily animal, a mountain lion, is more than capable of getting its own kills, but it is unlikely it could bring down something this large on its own and will attack others if it thinks it can get an easier meal than making its own.

What makes this so dangerous is that the animal may well have the scent of blood and be filled with blood lust and hunger, having said that, if it would rather eat someone else’s kill than kill for its own food, it may prefer just to scare them off rather than attack them full out.

11. Running Wild

Although predominantly foragers living off of plant life and what is on the forest floor, wild boar can be extremely aggressive and their fearsome tusks and size make them incredibly dangerous if you get too close to them. However, as they do not hunt for food, if you can outrun them they will rarely pursue you.

This hunter seems to have not seen his quarry so near to him as he dashes away unable to get a shot off with the tables having been turned.

12. Paddle Faster

Short sighted and often rarely challenged for size and strength, sharks will often approach shapes in the water above them that they cannot identify and many shark attacks come about by the shark merely being curious as to what is floating in the water above them. Unfortunately for this guy, he seems to be on the wrong end of this shark’s inquisitive nature.

However, if the shark had decided the boat was not edible, it wouldn’t bother going in for a nibble so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it thought plastic might be a bit too chewy for it.

13. Pulling Over Can Be Dangerous

Pulling someone over in some states can be a little more dangerous than others as this cop soon found out when a gator decided to crawl out of the nearby undergrowth and greet the lawman who at least managed to get on top of his patrol vehicle. Gators have thick hides, and sometimes a bullet is not enough to keep them at bay.

This only being a small one, it may not have been too much of a problem and would have eventually become bored if it thought it couldn’t get at an easy meal, but it still makes for an unpleasant surprise.

14. He Just Wanted To Say Hi!

When on a big game reserve, it is probably a good idea to keep your gun close by at all times, especially if the possibility of a curious lion dropping in to say hi at the camp site is a high one. The lion doesn’t seem to be taking a particularly aggressive pose, and with the female of the species being the hunters for the pride, if this male didn’t feel threatened, he may not have attacked.

This is actually a staged photo by professional animal trainer Charlie Sammut and his wonderful trained lion Josef for Davis/Lynn photography and no persons or animal were ever in danger of harm.

15. Making A Splash

Whales are known as the gentle giants of the sea and will, most likely, not attack a boat, but they do often breach and jump out of the water. Being so large, this can cause problems as this fishing boat found out as the animal landed squarely on it causing much, unintended, carnage due to its size and weight.

A very rare occurrence, it has been known for this to happen but only on very few occasions.

16. Car-nage

Elephants are intelligent and naturally curious creatures and so if something baffles they are not beyond investigating the matter to get a better grip on the subject. Here, whilst driving on a safari, a couple is probably wishing they had a bigger car right now as an elephant uses its trunk to see what is going on.

Known to walk or sit on cars on very rare occasions, seeing a 10-ton animal take an interest in your vehicle, whilst you’re in it, must be a scary prospect even if you know it means you no harm.

17. A Bit Clingy

Emerging from the ocean in Australia, this man was shocked to find he had picked up a hitchhiker whilst in the water as an octopus clung desperately to his back. Given that Australian waters are home to the deadly Blue Ringed Octopus, this could have been an incredibly scary moment for the gentleman.

A tiny and beautiful octopus that looks rather stunning, it is quite often missed as it hides in amongst coral reefs. With a painless bite that can go unnoticed, within five or ten minutes they can induce paresthesias, numbness, muscular weakness and a difficulty breathing and swallowing. Luckily, the octopus was extricated without harm bar pinched and visibly pink skin.

18. Don’t Want None

Why this woman is playing with a giant Burmese Python, we do not know, but given that these things have been known to swallow small human beings, it is not something we would like to practice ourselves. With the ability to swallow cows, goats, sheep, and even sometimes crocodiles, optionally choosing to get into the water with one of these giants sounds insane to us!

We’re sure this woman was fine…we hope but either way, we’re not going to go swimming with this reptile anytime soon.

19. Flesh Wounds

Seth Mead had encountered sharks in the water before when surfing and had hastily exited the water with no problem but when lounging on his board one day a shark struck and sunk its teeth into his leg.

Unlike most attacks, though, it didn’t shake Seth about and was probably just curious as to what he was but with no hands to feel sharks tend to use their mouths to discover new things which can be…painful. Fortunately, it let go and Seth escaped with only flesh wounds.

20. Dangerous Documentary

In 2013, the NatGeo channel was filming their incredibly popular TV show Shark Men off the coast of South Africa. Within days of chumming the water, Champion surfer David Lilienfeld and his younger brother were out paddling in the water with their body boards when a 16ft great white shark attacked from beneath and dragged him under the waves, severing his right leg from his body

His younger brother, Gustav, managed to drag him to shore but David was dead before help could arrive and the fingers were pointed at the documentary crew for luring sharks so close into shore and needlessly endangering lives.

21. Tragic Champion

Elio Canestri was a 13-year-old surfing champion when he went to the French holiday island of Reunion. A skilled surfer, Elio was used to the strong waves but did not expect a shark attack and was bitten in the stomach and had his limbs torn off in a shark attack as he surfed in an area off limits to people because of its known dangers.

So vicious was the attack that several witnesses, including other children, had to be treated for trauma.

22. Dragged Away

Having an argument whilst on safari is probably not the best thing to do, but when this woman did just that, she got out of her car and went around to the driver’s side door to remonstrate with her partner. Unfortunately, she was in the part of the park where the tigers were, and they were not too keen on her being in their territory.

The tigers of Badaling Wildlife Park in China, appeared behind the woman, pouncing and dragging her off. Two other passengers then get out and try to aid her, but one is mauled to their death as the first woman was saved but had to be immediately hospitalized.

23. Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was an Australian wildlife presenter and adventurer who was known across the globe as the ‘Crocodile Hunter’ and he often came across many dangerous wild animals that he capture with his own hands to help relocate or nurse them back to health.

Sady, Irwin was killed by a Stingray whilst diving as it struck him square in the chest with its dangerous tail and stopped his heart, an extremely rare occurrence. Here is the last photo of Steve whilst diving just before the incident happened.

24. Tilikum

Anyone who has seen the tragic documentary Black Fish will know the horrifying story of Tilikum, a killer whale kept in captivity who then started to turn on her trainers and a quick cover up ensued with SeaWorld desperate to minimize the damage their brand had suffered.

Jumping out of the water and grabbing Dawn Brancheau by the waist in February of 2010, the whale dragged her underwater and would not let her go. Shockingly, the attack took place in front of a crowd of spectators as they awaited a demonstration between Brancheau and the killer whale. Tilikum was involved in the death of two other trainers also.

24. Roy Horn

Siegfried and Roy were a famed Las Vegas magic act that used live and dangerous animals as part of their performance until one day, during the middle of the act, Roy Horn found himself being mauled by one of the white tigers they used on stage and was left partially paralyzed by the attack.

Horn was saved, and he protested the mooted destruction of the animal saying it was ill and not its fault. He managed to save the tiger, but the magic act was discontinued.

26. Mandy K

When a woman named Mandy K jumped into Berlin Zoo’s polar bear enclosure in 2009, stunned onlookers couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing,  leading many news outlets from around the world to report on the near-fatal drama.

Fortunately for Mandy, she recovered from her injuries, which included severe maulings across the body.

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